Sunday Gathering

We meet each Sunday, 10am at the 18th St. Arts Center. There's a parking lot on 18th, free meter parking on Olympic, or it's a 3 minute walk from the 17th St. MTA stop.

How We Speak

  • Church should be safe place for us to explore faith together in community, so we leave intentional space for dialogue and exploration.

  • Teaching at Resonate is more of a conversation than a presentation. You won't find a pulpit or impressive powerpoint skills, but you will find people dedicated to deepening faith.

How We Sing

  • While music is just one part of worshipping together, we love doing it.

  • You won't find a flashy band. You will find a couple of talented, authentic people leading us in worship.

How We Create

  • God is the great creator. We view art as an important expression of worship. 
  • Whether it's an artist painting on stage or a gallery event - art is a huge part of what we do together on Sundays.

How We Remember

  • Communion is at the very center of what we do. Each time we gather, we take time to come to the table together. 
  • We're serious about inclusion. Everyone is welcome to take communion and remember what Jesus has done for us.