We're a church for people who don't have it figured out, because we don't either.

At Resonate we embrace the honest truth: we're all on a journey. Wherever you find yourself on that journey is fine by us. We hope to walk alongside each other in order to explore and deepen this whole faith thing.

We believe Jesus' empathy, kindness, and humility are things to aspire to. 

We point to Jesus as the goal. If there is someone who had it figured out, it was him. In our lives, especially in the context of our neighborhoods and communities, we strive to put the empathy, kindness, and humility we see in Jesus into action. 

We're a community where it's safe to explore what you believe.

We are a church committed to diversity. No matter who you are, where you're coming from, or what you believe, you are fully affirmed and embraced at Resonate. We understand that in some churches this can be vague... understand that here you are fully welcomed and encouraged to serve, lead, and participate in all capacities in our church.